Building resilience for dry weather conditions

Published 25 Sep 2023

As we head into the drier months water conservation will become increasingly important.
New Zealand has moved into an El Niño weather pattern which indicates stronger and more frequent winds from the west. El Niño has been associated with historically significant droughts which we experienced back in 2020.
The best way to prepare for any potential drought is to have a plan, harvest rainwater and think about water conservation in our daily lives.

Report burst pipes or leaks in streets and public spaces
Council will continue to place a high priority on repairing water leaks. Our teams are working hard to fix them as soon as possible.
You can call our friendly customer services team on  06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110
Email  or send a private message:
You can also report water leaks on our website: Report It (CRM) | Tararua District Council (

Check for leaks on your property
Leaks on your property are your responsibility to fix. This is set out in the Local Government Act 2002.
Did you know that a leaking toilet can waste between 2600 and 1300 litres of water per month? Toilet leaks aren’t visible and can cause a lot of damage to your property. Here are some handy tips to check if you have a toilet leak:

Leaky toilets