Reporting vandalism

Published 09 May 2022

Unfortunately complaints about vandalism, illegal rubbish dumping on public property, and other anti-social behaviour are increasing in our district. These are community issues that are costing us all a lot of money.

Let’s stop this sort of behaviour together

Vandalised public facilities or rubbish dumping can be reported to Council by calling our friendly customer services team at 06 374 4080 and 06 376 0110 (24 hours - 7 days a week). You can also send a Facebook message to or email to or  use the Report it function on our website.

If you observe any of this taking place, please call the Police immediately on 111. Details such as car registrations, descriptions of individuals and photographs (always take care of your personal safety first) are valuable evidence that can be used to trace and prosecute/fine offenders.