Tararua District water restrictions update

Published 25 Jul 2022

It’s been a while since our last update on water restrictions across the district with a lot happening in the water space since May. So, we thought we would provide a brief update on our supplies:

Pahiatua: Reducing to No Restrictions (get ready)
There has been a healthy amount of rain over the past month which has replenished the Mangatainoka River to a point where consistent water is able to be taken. We would like to commend Pahiatua residents for their patience during this extended

Norsewood: No change at Alternate Day Restrictions
Norsewood residents are still consistently using more water than the permitted extraction from the bore. For alternate day
restrictions to be removed a large community effort is needed to reduce usage, for some tips and tricks you can visit:
https://www.tararuadc.govt.nz/water-tipsPlease note that Council has put aside budget over the next 2 years to address this supply issue.

Dannevirke: No change at Alternate Day Restrictions
Many will be aware of the ongoing challenges with Dannevirke’s impounded supply. If not, you can read the latest update here:

Due to this we will be keeping the alternate day restrictions in place. We understand that this will be frustrating, however with the current weather we hope that limiting outdoor water usage to alternate days will have minimal effect on our residents.
Finally, Council would like to extend a thank you to you all for your patience over the past year as we work to resolve this ongoing challenge.

All other supplies: No restrictions