Saving water and keeping up the good work of reporting leaks still a focus

Your Tararua District Council elected members and staff would like to say thank to everybody proactively saving water and reporting leaks. This has truly helped a lot. We have also had some rains recently, which have brought some temporary relief to the water supply situation. As expected, this has not yet made a meaningful impact on the water storage levels because of where Council’s water comes from. In some towns our water usage is on the rise again. To get us through the rest of the summer and autumn without the need for further restrictions, continued water saving is still necessary.

Report burst pipes or leaks in streets and public spaces

This summer, Council has placed a high priority on repairing water leaks. Our teams are working hard to fix them as soon as possible. In the month of January alone, 81 water leaks were reported throughout our district. When a leak is reported to us, immediate repairs may not always be possible. An initial investigation will be completed, however some processes may be necessary before repair works can begin. If the leak is with a state highway, such as the main streets of our four towns, temporary traffic management approval is required from Waka Kotahi – NZ Transport Agency. In some cases, the water at ground level may not be directly above the pipe and confirmation of other non-Council utilities assets within the area (like power, gas and telecommunications) is required before the digging begins.

If you would like to report a leak in the streets and/or public spaces, please call our friendly customer service team on
06 374 4080 (North) or 06 376 0110 (South).

You can also send us a message on Facebook: Our email is

You can also head to and use the handy Report It function. You can find this on the landing page of our website.

Please make sure to provide details about the location of the leak and if possible, send a photo.

How to check for leaks on your property

Leaks on your property are your responsibility and there is enforcement action that can be taken by council under the Local Government Act 2002 if not repaired. Did you know, there are 635 properties in our district with water meters? Many of them are extraordinary water users. For those with a  water meter, here’s a guide to help you finding leaks quickly:

Check for water leaks infographic