Tararua residents step forward for election for the 2022 local government elections

Published 30 Aug 2022

Nominations for the various district, regional and community positions have been received. Campaigning has commenced with them each promoting the vision they have of the Tararua district.

All of the available vacancies will be hotly contested, with the exception of the Dannevirke Community Board, Horizons Regional Council (Tararua Ward) and the Greater Wellington Regional Council (Wairarapa Ward) which have the exact number of nominations for the available positions and will, therefore, not require a vote.

Of note is that, this year, Tararua District Council has its very first Māori ward (Tamaki nui-a-Rua), with three nominees campaigning for the position.

For further information about local government elections for 2022 in the Tararua district please contact:

Warwick Lampp, Electoral Officer - 03 377 3530
E: wlampp@electionz.com
Lizz Jenkins, Deputy Electoral Officer - 06 374 4080
E: elections@tararuadc.govt.nz

The nominations, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

Tararua District council (Mayor) (1 vacancy)
- Collis, Tracey (Tararua Stronger Together)
- Hill, Nick (Seventy Mile Bush, District)
- Kendrick, James
- Wards, Sharon

Tararua District Council (Tamaki nui-a-Rua Māori Ward)  (1 vacancy)
-Chase, Naioma
-Stephenson, Lorraine
-Watson, Dot (Refreshing Local Democracy)

Tararua District Council (North Tararua Ward)  (4 vacancies)
- Earp, Roger (Refreshing Local Democracy)
- Harold, James Brett (Get The Basics Right)
- Kendrick, James
- Peeti-Webber, Erana (A Fresh Voice For Our Future)
- Priday, Vicki
- Sutherland, Kerry
- Te Huki, Paul (Ordinary People Can Make A Difference)
- Walker, James
- Wallace, Steve
- Wards, Sharon

Tararua District Council (South Tararua Ward)  (4 vacancies)
- Franklin, Alison
- Gardner, Jared Warren (Momentous Party/Pāti Hira)
- Gilmore, Scott (A Fresh Perspective)
- Johns, Peter
- Long, Michael Francis
- Wyeth, Dennis (Independent)

Dannevirke Community Board (4 vacancies) - No vote required
- Christison, Ernie
- Hynes, Terry
- Wallace, Ron
- Walshe, Pat

Eketāhuna Community Board (4 vacancies)
- Barclay, Larissa
- Carew, Terry
- Chase, Everlyne
- Lamb, Selena
- McGhie, Steen

Greater Wellington Regional Council (Wairarapa Constituency) (1 vacancy) - No vote required
- Staples, Adrienne (Independent)

Horizons Regional Council (Tararua Constituency) (1 vacancy) -  No vote required
- Benbow, Allan (Independent)

Horizons Regional Council (Tonga Māori Seat) (1 vacancy)
- Gernhoefer, Warwick
- Teira, Te Kenehi

Masterton Community Trust
- Antonio, Mena (Good Decisions)
- Baskerville, Don
- Griffiths, Lucy
- Johnson, Bex (A Voice For Our Community)
- Southey, Leanne
- Taucher, Karl
- Waitoa, Joanne (For Our People, For Our Planet)

More information on the local elections including contact details of candidates can be found here.