Cyclone Gabrielle Update 5

14 November 2023

Although the brunt of the storm appears to be behind us, it is not over as we continue to deal with the impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle. Our Emergency Operations Centre will continue to operate overnight, and we will continue to provide updates as they become available. Updates will be posted here on our Facebook page, Antenno and our website.


A number of our communities have been cut off on our roading network. Currently there are 34 roads closed across the district. Our teams are doing what they can to re-connect these communities. A big challenge faced by our teams is the rising river levels. This is preventing them from being able to assess roads. For their own safety, there is not a lot that can be done until those river levels fall to a safe level. We are hoping rivers will recede overnight/tomorrow.

Although it seems the brunt of the storm has passed, the condition of our roads still remains a serious concern. For this reason, TDC continues to urge people to please stay off the roads. Only travel if absolutely necessary. DO NOT drive through floodwaters. We have received numerous reports of people driving through flood water and we cannot stress enough the dangers associated with this. The state of emergency means that emergency crews may not be able to reach you, in the worst-case scenario. Please do not put yourself at any more risk by driving through floodwater.

Please see our roading webpage for updates on road status.

Current Road Status | Tararua District Council (


Scanpower and PowerCo are aware of communities that are experiencing power outages. TDC is working with Scanpower and PowerCo to get them access so power can be restored to these communities. However, until roads are assessed we are restricted on what we can do. We will continue to keep you updated on when these communities will be reconnected.


We have systems in place to assist our most vulnerable, if you require council assistance and have not yet been in contact, please touch base with our teams by giving us a call. Ngāti Kahungunu ki Tāmaki-nui-a-Rua have established a Civil Defence Centre at the Dannevirke Sports Centre on Anderson Street. This is for anyone requiring support through the storm, this includes those that have been displaced and are unable to get home due to road closures. The Civil Defence Centre can assist with food, water and shelter. Along with other needs for our displaced people. We encourage those who need this facility to use it.


Due to the rainfall and power cuts, the Dannevirke wastewater treatment plant is becoming overwhelmed.

To help minimise the strain to our wastewater treatment plant, Dannevirke residents are requested to refrain from using washing machines and dishwashers, and flushing toilets where possible. This is to minimise the amount of water that needs to be processed by the Dannevirke wastewater treatment plant.

For those residents on tank water, please take extra precautions due to the risks of poor water quality.


Schools are operating or closing at their own discretion. We advise that you contact your local schools and check websites for updates on whether or not they have chosen to operate tomorrow. However, all GoBus services have been cancelled for tomorrow, Wednesday 15th February.

Our phonelines will be monitored 24/7. If there is something that needs to be reported to us please call:

06 374 4080 (North)

06 376 0110 (South)



For more information about the above media release, please contact Tararua District Council using the contact information below.

Tararua District Council Road Status: