Get active with BUBBLE BINGO

Published 04 Mar 2022

$1000 worth of spot prizes up for grabs with Bubble Bingo

With the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in at the moment, Sport Manawatu have come up with a FUN way to help get people active: BUBBLE BINGO!

BUBBLE BINGO is 21 days of little challenges for your household bubble to undertake each day, starting on Monday 7th March. The challenge sheet is can be downloaded here,  and the challenges do not have to be done in order. (challenge number 21 has been changed from ‘Have a water fight’ to ‘Have a picnic for lunch or dinner’ due to the current water restrictions).

So how does it work ? After dinner each night, one member from your bubble picks a number between 1 and 21 and that is your activity for the next day.

How to win prizes ? Register for Bubble Bingo on and send share/photos of your challenges on the BUBBLE BINGO facebook group (search Sport Manawatu Bubble Bingo) or email them to Sport Manawatu Staff will be uploading their bubble challenges too so you might even get some ideas.

It would be great if you can help spread the word of this challenge, whether it be through social media, newsletters, or emails.