Reminder for Preferred Owner Dog Status

2 April 2024

Preferred Owner Status is a special dog owner status that recognises good, responsible dog owners and entitles them to a reduced annual dog registration fee. Your dog must be registered for at least a year before you are eligible to apply for the Preferred Owner Status. Applications for preferred dog status are due by the end of April. If your dog is granted preferred status, you will be eligible for the reduced fee for the following registration year. There is a one-off fee for Preferred Dog Owner application.

How do I become a Preferred Dog Owner?

1. Adequate housing for the dogs. (for details please see our applications form).
2. No impounding, infringements, justified complaints, or late registration payments/penalties within the last two years.
3. Existing dog numbers comply with Tararua District Council Bylaws. (A permit is required if you keep three or more dogs
on a property).
4. All dogs owned or kept by you must have a current registration at all times and comply with microchipping requirements.

Please go to for more information.