Improved kerbside recycling services coming to Tararua’s main towns

Published 02 May 2022

Over the coming months, properties will be supplied with a 240 litre wheelie bin and a 45 litre container. The wheelie bins will be used for mixed recyclables, including type 1, 2 and 5 plastics, tin cans and cardboard. The containers will be used for glass.

The improved kerbside recycling collection service is planned to begin in July this year, and will include the collection of applicable plastics, tin cans, cardboard, and glass (which is not currently collected as part of the existing kerbside recycling collection service).
Council have procured the wheelie bins and containers, which will be delivered to properties by Smart Environmental. Council are also preparing a range of information materials for residents to help them understand this new service. Low rates of contamination in the collected materials is needed to ensure the improved service is a sustainable success

The improved recycling services will be funded by a combination of rates for urban properties receiving these services, revenue generated from the recycled glass, and through Central’s Governments waste levy.

Tararua District Council committed to improving kerbside recycling services in Dannevirke, Pahiatua, Woodville and Eketāhuna in 2022/23 as part of the 2021-31 Long Term Plan. This aligns to local and national objectives to reduce the amount of preventable waste being disposed of at landfills, for environmental and financial benefits as the cost of landfill disposal continues to increase.