Tararua - Farming for profit field day

Published 09 Oct 2023

Decisions, decisions! On the farm, we’re always making choices, and some are more significant than others.

We are constantly faced with decisions on the farm. Some are bigger than others. This day will look at making bigger decisions based around some examples of feed planning and animal health risks.

It will help to give some clarity on what may eventuate in the following months. It will be a good chance to think about lamb weaning and going forward into the new year.

Topics covered:

Animal health decisions and planning going forward:

  • Focus on Salmonella in the region and some risk assessments based on current and predicted weather
  • Supplement feeding of sheep – do’s and don’ts

Feed planning for the host farm based on two different scenarios:

  • What will it look like in a dry summer vs a normal summer?
  • How will different decisions impact the feed availability and the outcomes for the farm business?
  • Should a crop be planted?
  • How to avoid being at the whim of the grass market.
  • What to do with excess feed if it exists?

When and Where?

Wednesday 8th November | 1.00pm – 5.00pm

Willy and Sarah Fountaine’s Woolshed, End of Falls Road, Weber

Finishing with a BBQ meal and refreshments

Registration is essential.

Visit the Beef and Lamb website and search for this event to register.