Bylaws Review - Statement of Proposals for Water, Dog Control and Class 4 Gambling and Racing Board Venue Policy

In accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2002 the Tararua District Council has reviewed and adopted for consultation two draft bylaws and two draft policies. The changes proposed are set out in the Statement of Proposals adopted for consultation and open to submissions from the community and interested parties.

These bylaws give additional powers to manage Council activities including water use, and dog ownership; and provide various powers such as to impose fees, allow access to property, and set notice provisions for required actions.  The policies provide processes for managing some activities of Council with Dog Control Policy and Class 4 Gambling and Racing Board Venue Policy forming part of this consultation.

These documents provide the community with the opportunity to comment on the proposals. The following is a high level summary of the main changes:

1. Draft Water Supply Bylaw
It is proposed to amend the bylaw to:
-  Clarify that Council’s primary function is to provide safe drinking water for domestic purposes
-  Provide greater control over access to water
-  Require tank(s) to be installed for any new domestic dwelling within an urban supply or outside the urban supply to store  collected rainwater or other harvested water for non-domestic purposes.  In time, this may extend to some existing properties.
-  Require application for water connection from Council at least every five years
-  Provide greater clarity around backflow prevention and water connections
-  Discourage mixing of roof water with council supplied drinking-water
-  Propose metering will be required for all extraordinary users for non-domestic use
-  Clarify water restrictions and emergencies

2.1 Draft Dog Control Bylaw 2022
It is proposed to amend the bylaw to:
-  Clarify control requirements
-  Provide stronger regulation and enforcement of menacing dogs

2.2 Draft Dog Control Policy 2022
The Council is also consulting on the Dog Control Policy which must be in place prior to the adoption of changes for the Dog Control Bylaw. This is required for the amendments of the registration and fees schedule.
-  Clarification around control requirements of menacing dogs
-  Amends criteria around the Preferred Owner scheme
-  Introduces new fees and registration categories

3. Class 4 Gambling and Racing Board Venue Draft Policy
The objectives of the Class 4 Gambling and Racing Board Venue Policy are to:
-  manage the number and location of venues and gaming machines within the district;
-  allow those who wish to participate in this form of gambling to do so within the district;
-  have regard to the social impact of gambling within the district

This policy only applies to Class 4 and New Zealand Racing Board venues within the Tararua district that require Council’s consent to operate. The Council is proposing to continue the existing approach of its current policy, including:
-  the sinking lid target number of 100 machines, and
-  that Council will not consent to an increase in the number of gaming machines in an existing Class 4 Gambling Venue, and
-  that no new Class 4 Gambling Venue or TAB (New Zealand Racing Board) Venue may be closer than 100 metres pedestrian     distance of any school, early childhood centre, kindergarten or place of worship

A copy of the statement of proposals is available at the Council’s Service Centres in Dannevirke, Woodville, Pahiatua and Eketāhuna.  Copies can also be obtained by writing to the Manager – Democracy Services, Tararua District Council, P O Box 115, Dannevirke or by phoning 06 374 4080.  You can also download a copy off the Council’s website

How you can participate and have your say?
Written submissions can be made on any part of the Bylaws Review and Dog Control Policy.  If you need help then please contact the Council and a staff member can assist you.  Submissions can be sent to:
Draft Bylaws and Policies
Tararua District Council
P O Box 115 - Dannevirke 4942

Alternatively you can fax your submission to 06 374 4137, email to (including an address and/or phone number where you can be contacted). You can also visit the Council’s website and make a submission online, or deliver to a Council Service Centre in Dannevirke, Woodville, Pahiatua and Eketāhuna.

If you make a submission the opportunity is available to present your comments in person to the Council at a meeting where time will be made available for this purpose, and you should include that request on your submission to enable this to be arranged.

How you can obtain a copy of the Bylaw Review Statement of Proposals (including a summary and Dog Control Policy)

A copy of the Bylaws Review Statement of Proposal (that includes a summary of the information and Dog Control Policy) is available on the Council’s website, or hard copies can be obtained from the Council’s Libraries/ Service Centres in Dannevirke, Woodville, Pahiatua and Eketāhuna. Submissions can be made from 4 April to 6 May 2022.

Peter Wimsett - Manager Strategy and Climate Change