Te Radar event a resounding success

On Friday 25th of August, the Tararua Cyclone Recovery Programme and Rural Support Trust hosted well known New Zealand comedian Te Radar in Tararua, visiting some of the people most affected by Cyclone Gabrielle.

Arriving from Wairoa where Te Radar had also spent time with affected communities, he first caught up with staff at the Tararua Alliance and thanked them for their work on the district’s roads. It was then off to Herbertville, a first time visit for the well-known Kiwi, to see the community and see, first hand, the impacts of the Cyclone on farmland and the communities east of Dannevirke.

Finally on Friday evening, Te Radar hosted a sold-out bingo night at the packed Pongaroa Hall.  Locals were treated to intrepid tales, a lot of laughs, and a real sense of empathy for what the community has been dealing with since the Cyclone.  It was a fantastic evening, finishing with a fairly nail-biting game of Bingo.

A big thanks to all of those who were able to come out and join us across the afternoon and evening.

Te Radar