Next steps for potentially earthquake-prone buildings

Council is about to send letters to owners of commercial and multi-unit residential buildings that have been identified as potentially earthquake-prone.

The letters are being sent in two groups, the first group will be sent on 1 February 2022, and the second will be sent in July 2022. Owners that receive letters are being asked to have seismic assessments of their building undertaken and to provide Council with the assessment reports.

The letters will explain how the earthquake-prone buildings have been identified, what needs to be done next, how much time there is to fulfil the requirements, as well as where people can go for assistance, and who they can talk to for more information.

People that have received notice from Council are recommended to contact either Council’s Building Officers, or a preferred engineer within 3 months to discuss the process and options available.

The requirements to identify and remediate earthquake-prone buildings are set out in the 2016 Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act. This requires councils to use the Earthquake Prone Building (EPB) Methodology to identify, assess, and make decisions on potentially earthquake-prone buildings within their districts.

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