Tararua District Plan Review - Growth Strategy

Published 14 Aug 2023

As part of the District Plan Review, Council is developing an Urban Growth Strategy. The Urban Growth Strategy is being funded through “Better Off Funding” grants from Central Government. Council has identified that, after a long period of a relatively stable population, demand for living within the Tararua District is strengthening. This is encouraging, and the Council is keen to consider how it can best accommodate this growth, particularly in regard to potential future demands on Council infrastructure.

The Urban Growth Strategy will provide an overview of the growth predications, outlining the background behind them, highlighting the scale of growth anticipated over the next 30 years, and where this growth is most likely to occur. It will then provide an analysis of how best to cater for increased demand for residential, commercial and industrial land, including assessing various physical constraints (such as land-use capability, topography), natural hazard considerations (such as earthquake risk and flooding), and infrastructure requirements (such as water supply, wastewater management and roading). The Strategy will also consider potential opportunities, such as how growth might support the improvement of infrastructure, recreational facilities and/or walking and cycling opportunities.

Following the analysis, the Urban Growth Strategy will then provide recommendations for zoning new areas of land for residential, commercial or industrial activity, and identify future growth areas (beyond 20 years). Although this is likely to include the re-zoning of rural land (“greenfield” development), it may also include alterations to existing zoned land (“brownfield” development or intensification). Primarily the focus of the Strategy is within the four main towns, Dannevirke, Woodville, Pahiatua & Eketāhuna but it will also briefly review requirements in other locations (such as Norsewood). In addition, the Strategy may also consider how to achieve better long-term outcomes through existing Council facilities (such as reserves or recreation areas) to better connect with communities, and it will contain recommendations for design controls or guidelines for development to ensure the achievement of quality outcomes alongside effective management of environmental effects.

The Urban Growth Strategy is being prepared to inform the development of a new District Plan, and it is anticipated that areas recommended for rezoning within the Strategy will be adopted through the District Plan process. Therefore, it’s important that the whole Tararua community have an opportunity to comment on the Strategy, so that Council can be sure that the growth plans align with what the community require.

Tararua District Council will be consulting on the Urban Growth Strategy and we are aiming to do this Mid-September to Mid-October once it has been adopted by Council. Information updates will be provided through our District Plan Review website so watch this space.

Information on the District Plan Review can be found here: Proposed District Plan Review 2023 2024 | Tararua District Council (tararuadc.govt.nz). The Draft Growth Strategy will be available on this webpage once it has been adopted by Council.

For further information email: districtplanreview@tararuadc.govt.nz.