Recycling – What’s in?, what’s out?

Published 30 Jan 2023

On occasion, people forget what should be placed in our recycling bins.  As a result the contents can become ‘contaminated’ with items like food waste, liquids and other household waste. When a contaminated bin is found, it’s content cannot be processed and is taken to landfill, defeating the  purpose of having the recycling service. Sometimes a whole truckload has to go to landfill because of high amounts of contamination.

Recent random checks of bins in all our towns reveal there is an increasing number of contaminated bins being put out for collection that cannot be serviced. Unfortunately, our crews will now have to check every bin for contamination.

If your bin cannot be  serviced our crews will place a yellow sticker on your bin. This will let you know there is non- recyclable material in your bin that needs to be removed.  Your decontaminated bin will be serviced at the next scheduled collection. Please refer to the information below on what can and cannot be collected for recycling.