Norsewood Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

15 April 2024

Norsewood Water Treatment Plant Update.

The planned upgrade to the Norsewood water treatment plant, aimed at enhancing water quality, is progressing well and remains on schedule, with works set to start in April and completion expected by June 2024.

Tararua District Council has signed the agreement for works and essential equipment has started arriving at the vendor’s yard ready for the installation.

The upgrade is part of the efforts to address resident’s concerns about water discolouration and sedimentation.  Regular water sampling is still being carried out twice a week in accordance with Taumata Arowai Drinking Water Quality Assurance Rules and results continue to confirm its safety.

Alongside the upgrade, Tararua District Council is implementing other solutions aimed at reducing discolouration and improving water treatment which includes the installation of a specialised iron and manganese filter and the addition of a 30,000-litre tank to supplement the existing 90,000-litre water storage capacity.

Upon completion of the water treatment plant upgrade a flushing program is scheduled for July 2024