From Waterworks to Wagging Tails: Pahiatua’s Thriving Development Projects

Published 19 Jun 2023

In November 2022, Tararua District Council announced the successful acquisition of an $880,000 grant from Central Government’s Infrastructure Acceleration Fund (IAF). The funding will be utilized for improving Council’s 3-waters infrastructure, enabling the development of the former Pahiatua Hillcrest School owned by Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā. This investment aims to support housing development plans in Pahiatua while also alleviating strain on impacted wastewater and stormwater systems.

The project is currently in the planning and design phase, and engineers have been engaged to support this. Construction work for the enabling infrastructure is expected to commence later this year. Council is optimistic that this project will contribute to sustainable growth and development of the Pahiatua community.

Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā, as the landowner, will commence shortly its own planning processes for this development. Working with the Rūnanga of Rangitāne o Tamaki Nui-ā-Rua and Council, Tū Mai Rā will consider housing configurations that meet the sustainability and housing goals of Rangitāne iwi. The development, when completed, will likely include a mix of quality built privately owned homes, rentals, and homes for seniors. It is planned to also include a solar energy solution for the whole development, designed and installed by Rangitāne’s own solar company subsidiary, Tū Mai Rā Energy.

Additionally, exciting plans are underway for Rotary Park in Pahiatua. Recognizing the community’s desire for a fenced, off-leash dog park, Explore Pahiatua has initiated the necessary groundwork. Bang It Fencing has been contracted to build a fence, with local businesses Farmlands and Turtons generously providing materials at cost. Construction of the fence is set to begin in the coming months. Purchasing of agility equipment for the dog park is underway and, once the equipment selection is finalized, a plan will determine its optimal location within the park. This addition will enhance recreational facilities for dogs and their owners in Pahiatua.

Mayor Tracey Collis expressed her enthusiasm for these developments, recognizing their positive impact on the growing Pahiatua community. Council eagerly anticipates the numerous opportunities and benefits these projects will bring to the entire district.
Overall, these initiatives demonstrate the Council’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Pahiatua and the wider Tararua district. By addressing immediate community needs and fostering long-term growth, these projects contribute to the region’s prosperity.