Woodville Precautionary Boil Water Notice - LIFTED

8  September  2022

Woodville Precautionary Boil Water Notice has been lifted
Thank you Woodville for your patience and understanding. The three days testing of Woodville's water has returned 3 consecutive clear days of water testing.  You no longer need to boil your water for drinking, cleaning teeth or preparing food etc.

On Thursday 1 September the boil water notice was issued after a small mammal was removed from Woodville's water reticulation network. Taumata Arowai (New Zealand's water regulator) were informed of the issue and advised of the actions we were taking.
Our Tararua Alliance staff carried out flushing of the network to remove all potentially contaminated water, while our water treatment staff took water samples and carried out an inspection of the water reservoir - where we believe the mammal got into the water supply.
Water samples were taken from eight locations across the network on Friday and tested for E. coli, as well as testing for adequate chlorine levels which reduces the health risk from any remaining  water contamination. All samples tested negative for both E. coli and total coliforms, and chlorine levels were appropriate.
Daily sampling from two of the original eight locations commenced on Monday 5 September, with the three consecutive days of testing (which takes 24 hours) confirming no signs of E.coli.
Again, we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding our teams worked on the issue. For any enquiries please contact us at info@tararuadc.govt.nz