Liquor Ban for Ākitio Beach

7 December 2022

Liquor ban in place for  Ākitio  beach from 12pm 24 December to 7am 3 January 2023.

Liquor Ban for Ākitio Beach

Pursuant to Clause 4 of the Tararua District Council Alcohol Bylaw 2018, the Council has declared the following areas of Ākitio Beach to be subject to a liquor ban at all times from 12 noon on 24 December 2022 to 7.00am on 3 January 2023:

All public streets, reserves and beachfront areas from the Ākitio Bridge to the southern end of the esplanade reserve.

This prohibition only applies to liquor consumed in public places, and does not affect licensed premises or events that are the subject of a special licence. Likewise, it does not prevent people transporting unopened containers of alcohol through the areas concerned.

For enquiries on this liquor ban please call us on:

06 374 4080 (North)

06 376 0110 (South)

or email