How photos can help road crews

Published 13 Jul 2023

With all the wet weather our teams have been flat out fixing road issues across our extensive road network. Many thanks to all the people who have been proactive in reporting the road issues to us. When it comes to reporting road issues, taking photos really helps our roading teams to prepare an effective response.

Photos can provide valuable visual information that helps the teams assess the situation, and decide how many people will be required, and what materials and equipment will be needed to resolve the problem. For example, sometimes our teams have to drive for more than an hour to assess a verbal or written roading report, and then make a plan to fix the issue. If a photo is sent though,  a plan could be formed earlier, enabling teams to arrive on the scene with the right materials, equipment and personnel required for the job.

In addition, photos can help our teams to prioritise their responses. By seeing the severity of the issue, our teams can make informed decisions on which problems to address first.

How to do this ?

Antenno app. Get this free app which allows you to submit reports to Council with photos and GPS coordinates. It is available on Google Play and the Apple App store.

Website. Go to the landing page of, scroll down and click on the Report It icon. You will able to lodge a report and attach photos. This is the direct link to this page:

Facebook. Go to our facebook page: and send us a private message with photos and a description of the location.

Email: Please send your photos and a description to . These will be sent onto our road team.

. We understand that is not always possible to provide photos. You can still contact our friendly customer services.

To report a Council related emergency or urgent matter, during or outside of business hours please phone: 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110