Time to register your dogs: Tararua District's 2024/25 dog registration is now open

10 June 2024

It’s now time to register your dogs for the 2024/25 financial year. All dogs in the Tararua District must be registered by 1 July.

If your dog is currently registered, you will be sent a re-registration form to the most current postal address you have listed.

Please ensure you let us know of any change of ownership or address and if your dog has passed away, as you may be entitled to a partial refund of the registration fee.

To avoid penalty fees or an infringement notice, please make sure your dog registration has been renewed by 31 July. If you’d like online payment details head to www.tararuadc.govt.nz/dogrego or you can make payments at any of our Customer Service Centres with cash or a debit card.

Any new dog that is less than 3 months old after 1 August in any calendar year will be charged a pro rata of the dog registration for that year. Council allows current members of Dogs NZ (formerly NZ Kennel Club) to be included within the Preferred Owner registration categories, and the new “Dogs NZ” Rural Domestic Dog category has been introduced.

Animal Control AdvicePaid before 1 Aug '24Late fee (paid on or after 1 Aug '24
Application  and compliance adviceNo chargeNo charge
Urban domestic dog (entire)$150$225
Urban domestic dog (desexed)$120$180
Over 65's canine companion$90$135
Preferred owner dog (entire). This fee also includes current members of Dogs NZ (formerly NZ Kennel Club)*$80$120
Preferred owner dog (desexed).  This fee also includes current members of Dogs NZ (formerly  NZ Kennel Club)*$70$105
Rural domestic dog$78$117
Rural domestic dog. Current members of Dogs NZ (formerly NZ Kennel Club)*$52$78
Working dogs*$60$90
Dangerous Dog (as per the Dog Control Act 1996)Base fee + 50%Additional 50% of applicable registration fee
Disability assist dog with organisation certificateNo chargeNo charge

* Preferred owner status will be revoked if paid after 1 August.  If revoked, the applicable dog registration fee will apply.
*Providing a false statement when registering a dog is an offence subject to a $3,000 fine on conviction.
*Over 65 canine companion fee is only for Urban dog owners that are not already Preferred Owners. Owners will have to apply for the Over 65 fee and provide proof of their age.
*First 5 working dogs per owner are at full working dog fee ($60.00) subsequent dogs are $6.00.