The 5 Cyclone Recovery Workstreams

Published 17 Apr 2023

To understand what the five workstreams are and what they are doing please go to:

Cyclone Gabrielle Recovery | Tararua District Council (

Built Recovery Update

On Rakaiatai Rd a blessing was held on site last week. A temporary foot bridge will be constructed on the site, and geotechnical testing has started. Since the Rakaiatai Bridge washed away downstream during Cyclone Gabrielle, access of residents has been by way of a dinghy across the river. Ground testing will aid in the design of a new pier which will also assist in the removal of damaged bridge sections from the riverbed. The temporary footbridge will span some 25 meters across the Manawatū river. Rakaiatai Rd is just off the Matamau-Ormondville Rd. Council, and partners, are currently looking at options for a permanent fix.