Bridge Inspections In December

25 October 2023

Tararua Alliance will be inspecting 44 of the district’s 500 or so bridges through December as part of a routine six-yearly principal inspection programme.

Bridge engineers methodically inspect all the district’s bridges with many of these being able to be assessed on foot. The 44 bridges that are being checked in December require a truck and special equipment to enable safe access under the bridges. Stop/Go will be in place in these locations to enable the inspections to happen safely. Keep an eye out for the bridge inspection team in Matamau, Waitahora, Waione, Eketāhuna, Alfredton and Tiraumea.

Each bridge takes two to three hours to inspect but delays to traffic should be minor. Temporary road closures will be required for a small number of bridges. We will notify residents in these areas, along with school buses and emergency services.