Customer services: A different way of working

Published 07 Mar 2022

As always, Council's friendly Customer Services teams are still working in the service centers and are available on site and by phone. Many other Council staff are now working remotely.

This is part of Council's COVID continuity plan to make sure we meet our essential services in a worst-case scenario, and to protect the health and safety of our employees, their whānau, and communities. Whilst the shift to remote work has been relatively smooth, it also means that Customer Services must operate slightly differently. With staff working remotely, our Customer Services team might not be able to follow up certain matters directly. In this case, our team will ask for your contact details and the nature of your question(s), so that the right Council person or department can respond and follow up matters directly with you by phone or email.

Under the current conditions, Council staff are doing everything to make sure our standards of service are maintained. We would like to thank everybody for their patience and understanding as we all adapt to the changes and challenges in work and life that this pandemic presents.