Help us to conserve water

Published 15 Feb 2023

We are currently unable to source water from the Tāmaki River due to the turbulent waters after the storm. This is because the water is too turbid for us to treat to a high enough standard to meet the New Zealand drinking water standards. This means we are solely relying on the impounded water supply. The water supply is of sufficient volume for our immediate needs. However, we cannot be sure how long we will be reliant on the impounded water supply as our sole source. For this reason, we are asking residents to conserve water where they can.

Although, Ākitio and Dannevirke are the primary areas of concern, we encourage our residents across the district to conserve water where they can.

The Dannevirke wastewater treatment plant has now stabilized; however, we do still encourage the minimisation of wastewater where possible.

water conservation infographic