Fixing water leaks: teamwork between community and Council

Published 21 Mar 2022

In this month of March, 36 water leaks throughout our district have been reported and fixed by our team so far. This is a really great example of teamwork between community and Council.

The water leak repair team has been working flat out to fix all the leaks as soon as possible. While some leaks are a straightforward fix, other leaks can be complex, hard to locate, and involve cutting and digging into tarmac or concrete.

When a leak is reported to us, immediate action is not always possible. The team prioritises leak repairs based on several factors including the volume of water being lost and the health and safety risks. Also, for example, if a leak is along the State Highway, approvals are needed from NZTA before repair works can begin. Considering the size of our district and the complexity of certain leaks, the response times to repair leaks have been impressive. A big thank you to the team who fixes the leaks and to all those who have taken the time and effort to report them.
If you would like to report a leak in the streets and/or public spaces, please call our friendly customer service team. You can also send us a message on Facebook or email. Please make sure to provide details about the locations.