Roaming dogs

Published 11 Apr 2023

Our teams are working hard to locate the dogs responsible for a series of attacks on other animals in Woodville, some of which have been fatal. This issue is taken very seriously by our animal control teams who are working hard to locate the dogs responsible. Help from the community is greatly appreciated, as long as it is safe for you to do so.  If you witness a dog attacking another animal or see any roaming dogs, especially if there are multiple dogs together, please report it to Council immediately.

If possible, include details about the dog/s such as breed, colour, location seen or where they live, even if it’s just the general area, please let us know. If it is safe to do so, please take photos of the dogs and send them to us through
FB messenger or email:

We suggest keeping your cats and other small pets inside as much as possible and ensuring they are indoors overnight, as many of the attacks are happening during the early hours of the morning.

Please make sure to secure your dog(s). Wandering and uncontrolled dogs can cause all sorts of problems, including causing a hazard on the roads, threatening people’s safety, danger to other animals, and being a nuisance to the community. If your dog is found wandering uncontrolled, your dog will be seized to keep your dog and the community safe. You may also be issued with a fine.