Get ready before the bad weather arrives

Published 19 Apr 2022

Storms can happen any time of the year. The Tararua District managed to dodge the heavy rains and strong winds which were forecast for parts of the North Island last week, but there will be other storms coming our way. Heavy rains over a short period of time can have a big impact, especially to our road network and rivers. It’s important that you’re prepared for this. By looking after yourself and your household, you'll be helping emergency services focus their limited resources on the people who need the most help.

Water supplies, including drinking water, could be affected in an emergency. If rains stir up a lot of mud, silt, and sediments in rivers a boil water notice could be issued. Most of our water treatment plants can manage murky water up to a certain degree, but not if it gets too much. Even if you rely on your own water, your water source and storage could be affected by severe weather.

Are you and your whānau ready? Here are some handy tips on how to prepare before the bad weather hits:

- Fill up water containers in advance which you can use for drinking and cooking. Make sure that you have enough to last for 3 days or more, at least nine litres (or four 2.25 litre soft-drink bottles) of water per person. This will be enough for drinking and basic hygiene. Be sure to include drinking and clean-up water for your pets.
- Have enough food in your home to last 3 days or more, preferably long-lasting food that doesn’t need cooking. Make sure that your pets have enough food too.
- Work out what other supplies you will need, prepare a grab bag of essential items including alternative lighting, first aid kit, etc.
- Make sure you have an emergency plan - where to meet family and how to contact one another if separated.
- Don't forget that you and your neighbours can help each other by sharing supplies too.

The GetReady website has some really great tips and information for households, businesses and schools on how to prepare for emergencies.

During severe weather it is advised to stay home.
Don't walk around outside. If you do have to travel, check the latest State Highway information before you go:

Our teams try to update the Tararua road status website page as frequently as possible, especially during severe weather events: | services | roading | current road status.

Please note that State Highways are the responsibility of Waka Kotahi – NZ Transport Agency.

Inform yourself
Stay up to date with the latest weather warnings at

Find out how to get ready for severe weather at Home — Get Ready — Emergency preparedness in New Zealand

If the power goes out, a solar- or battery-powered radio (or your car radio) can help you keep up to date with the latest news. The Civil Defence Manawatū Wanganui Facebook page is also a good source of news and information and includes information for the Tararua District.

Report it
To report a council related urgent matter or emergency, during or outside of business hours, phone: 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110. Your reports on slips, washouts, potholes and fallen trees on our roads and other issues really help Council gain an understanding of the full scope of damage caused by severe weather. During severe weather events or other emergencies, the wait time to answer your call may take longer.

Non Urgent requests can be made via the landing page,  go to the Report It box in the middle of the page or contact us on our Facebook page.