Earthquake strengthening of Council Service Centres - Update

Published 09 May 2022

Council is making good progress on the earthquake strengthening of the Pahiatua and Dannevirke Customer Service Centres. The earthquake strengthening is required to ensure safe environments for staff and the public, and to make sure that the legal requirements set out in the 2016 Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act are met.

The construction works for both Service Centres started on 31st of January this year and have been aligned to save costs and minimise delays. Most materials for both projects have already been secured upfront which will help to avoid unnecessary delays and save costs due to rising prices.  

Due to the earthquake strengthening works, the Pahiatua Service Centre has relocated across the road to the library building, and the Dannevirke Service Centre has moved around the corner to the Tararua Business Alliance on Denmark Street.  Signage is in place to provide directions to the temporary Service Centres.

Both buildings were considered earthquake prone after both were assessed as less than 34 per cent of the New Building Standards. The earthquake strengthening construction will bring both up to up to 67 per cent of the New Building Standard (NBS).
The Dannevirke Service Centre construction is now in full swing. While roof repairs, roof replacement and wall strengthening is being carried out, the building and its scaffolding have been wrapped in plastic. This creates a safe working environment, makes sure there are no weather interruptions, and reduces the chance of water damage. It's not because a second story is being added as some people have said. The Dannevirke Service Centre was built in 1963.

The Pahiatua Service Centre, formerly the Chamber of Commerce, was built in 1929 and is classified as a Heritage New Zealand building. The planned earthquake strengthening focusses on retaining the original character of the building. This includes roof and ceiling strengthening as well as reinforcing the original brick and masonry walls with a concealed steel reinforcement.
The construction works for both buildings is planned to be completed by the end of July 2022.