Disruption to Pahiatua Water Supply

Pahiatua residents may experience disruption to water supplies (low pressure). Particularly those residents in the upper area of town (e.g. Wakeman Street).

Update: 18  January 2022.  6pm

Many thanks to those who have increased efforts to further conserve water. This helps a lot and is much appreciated. Water use is still higher than expected and we ask everyone to play their part in following the current water restriction level.

Work was completed today to improve the water supply although it is expected that it will take several days before the reservoirs are filled. Further remedial works are being planned to increase the supply of water for Pahiatua, and will need to be carried out when the reservoir is full.

Many thanks again to the community for their efforts and understanding on this matter.

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Water for Pahiatua is sourced from the Mangatainoka River and the river is currently in low flows. This has led to issues being experienced in the last days. While producing enough water to meet the town demand, the treated water reservoirs levels reduced. While some urgent works were completed today to remedy this issue, water has taken longer than expected to clear which has impacted the volume of clean water the water treatment plant can produce.

Staff continue to monitor the situation overnight and regular update will be provided.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.