Planning of repairs for Dannevirke impounded supply

Published 20 Mar 2023

On Wednesday 15 March, a report was presented to council providing an update on the planning of repairs to the Dannevirke impounded supply. A number of factors affecting the water supply, in addition to the dam, are being considered when determining the best course of action.

These include:

  • The dam currently only draws water from a single source, the Tāmaki River.
  • Water cannot be drawn from the river after heavy rain due to the turbidity levels.
  • Introduction of new dam safety legislation, which will increase the management and monitoring requirements of the dam.

The next key stage is a workshop to be held in early April with dam specialists, key stakeholders, and other government agencies to determine and analyse the various options available and prepare a recommendation for council.
It is critical that any work ensures the long-term resilience of the Dannevirke water supply, caters for community growth, and provides a reliable water supply for future generations.