The new Urban Recycling Service – Frequently asked questions

Published 07 Jun 2022

There has been a lot of interest around the new urban recycling service which will start next month. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and provided answers below.

Who gets these bins ?
All properties in Dannevirke, Eketāhuna, Woodville and Pahiatua that pay urban rates will receive these bins. You may see your neighbour doesn’t have one, this is because they are in the rural boundary.

What will we get ?
A 240L wheelie bin for recycling 1, 2 & 5 plastics, cardboard, and tin.
A 45L glass bin to recycle glass

When distributed, there will be an information packet inside the glass recycling crate including:
A booklet with general information, recycling route maps, tips on recycling and collection day information
A fridge magnet with information on collection days for your town
A collection day calendar

How are these new bins paid for ?
The improved recycling services will be funded by a combination of rates for urban properties receiving these services, revenue generated from the recycled glass, and through Central Government's waste levy.

When will the kerbside recycling start ?
The improved kerbside recycling collection service is planned to begin in July this year.

On what day will the recycle bins be picked up ?
Only Dannevirke will have two collection days. Areas in the North Zone will be picked up on Monday. Areas in the South Zone are picked up on Tuesday. (see map) There will be more information on these zones in the information booklet.
Pahiatua will be on Wednesday. Woodville and Eketāhuna will be on Thursday.

What cannot be recycled ?
x No soft plastics  x No plastic bags
x No wet paper/cardboardx No food waste
x No polysterene  x No fibreglass/Other
x No bottle lids  x Unrinsed plastics

Don't want a recycle bin ?
Please contact us and let our team know your address and the reason you are opting out. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

When will the bins and crates be distributed ?The anticipated distribution dates are:
9th June – Deliveries of bin and crates begin to Eketāhuna residents
10th -11th June – Deliveries of bin and crates begin to Woodville residents
13th-15th June - Deliveries of bin and crates begin to Pahiatua residents
16th – 21st June - Deliveries of bin and crates begin to Dannevirke South Zone residents(see map)
22nd- 24th June - Deliveries of bin and crates begin to Dannevirke North Zone residents (see map)

The kerbside collection map of Dannevirke

Dannevirke kerbside collection map

What can I recycle in the wheelie bin?
Your new 240L recycling bin is perfect for all your type 1, 2 and 5 plastics, paper, carboard and tin

Wheelie bin recycling

-Please ensure all items are rinsed/ washed clean.
-Please take off the lids of containers
-Please flatten cardboard before placing it in the wheelie bin.
-No plastic bags please.

What can I recycle in the glass crate?
Your 45L crate is perfect for recycling glass bottles and jars that you aren’t going to re-purpose or reuse.

glass recycling crate

For our teams safety please refrain from over filling this crate or putting any of the following items in the crate:
-No broken glass
-No windows or mirrors
-No lightbulbs
-No bottle lids or corks