Council Communications Survey and results

18 March 2024

Our goal is to ensure that every Tararua resident has a voice in shaping the future of our district, keep you well informed and provide opportunities for you to share feedback. To check in on how well we have been doing that, we conducted a Communications Survey throughout December and January.

The survey was our chance to get your thoughts on how you like to receive information from us, and what kind of information is most important to you.

We so appreciate everyone who participated in the survey, and we’re excited to share some of the insights we gained with you. In total 149 people responded to this survey, the majority being aged 45 – 65 years old.

Here’s some topline results - Overwhelming you told us social media, or Facebook, was how you access general information about Council. General updates are what interest you most on this platform, with roading, weather and event updates following closely behind, in that order.

Your feedback told us you’d like us to use easy to understand language, graphics that are fun, animations or reels and on a more serious note, that you need timely, relevant information that is transparent and authentic.

What’s important to you is being kept informed about results of consultations to show that your voice does have an impact, and that you like the opportunity to talk face to face in public meetings, or forums for direct engagement.

We’ve already got to work on some of the challenges you identified on our Council website, and it was great to see that 85% of respondents have used our website to find information. In the Bush Tele you’d like good news stories, information about projects and where rates have been spent.

By listening to feedback and keeping track of what works, we’re aiming to make sure our messages hit the mark and keep you engaged and thriving.