31 May - Update on Eketahuna Precautionary Boil Water Notice

31 May 2022

The Eketahuna precautionary boil water notice is still in effect.

The team has now received 2 days of clear testing with low turbidity levels, but need a third clear test before meeting the NZ Drinking Water Standards compliance requirements. However, with rain hitting our river source tonight and a 3rd clear test needed, it is unlikely we will meet the requirements to remove the precautionary boil water notice.

On a positive note, our team has informed us that the construction and upgrade of the Eketahuna water treatment plant is now almost complete! Our team only has a few final tasks which they will be doing during the changeover and commissioning over the coming week.

A major task planned for tomorrow is to connect to the new plant, which means the existing plant will be out of action all day.  You can help by minimising your water consumption as much as possible all day.

Keep an eye out over the coming week for a further update on that.