Pahiatua water restriction level reduced from Total Outdoor Ban to Alternate Evening Restrictions

Published 04 Mar 2022

The water restriction level for Pahiatua has been reduced from Total Outdoor Ban to Alternate Evening Restrictions.

This means that from now onwards handheld hoses can be used on alternate evenings between 7pm and 9pm, i.e. houses with street number on even nights and houses with odd street numbers on odd nights.

The Total Outdoor Ban in Pahiatua has been in place since 25 January 2022.

Pressure on the Pahiatua water reservoir has reduced, as over the last few weeks Pahiatua residents have rallied together to save water which has resulted in a steady reduction of water use. In addition, work on the water intake point at the Mangatainoka River can now be finished without having to further rely on water from the reservoir.  As river levels are dropping, it is still necessary to keep up the great efforts of saving water.

Council would like to say thank you to Pahiatua residents for their support and continuing efforts to conserve water. Council would also like to thank teams who have been working hard to improve the Pahiatua water infrastructure.

For a full explanation what the various restrictions mean please refer to this link.