Rates rebate deadline fast approaching

Published 02 May 2022

All applications for rate rebates for the 2021/2022 financial year must be received by 30 June 2022. Please get in touch with the Council team if you have not yet returned your application, or if you’re unsure if you’re eligible.

A rates rebate is a partial refund from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) for people who pay rates to the council. The maximum rebate amount is $665.

As part of the application, please provide your income from the previous financial year (1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021). This year, DIA has set thresholds for eligibility, and to be eligible you must:
-Have an annual income of $26,150 or less*
-Pay at least $1,200 in rates per annum
* If you earn more than the threshold, you may be eligible for a part rebate, please contact us to learn more.  

Additionally, if you’ve applied in the past, application forms for the next financial year will be mailed out in September 2022 to enable you to get it sorted early for next time.

Council staff will be happy to assist anyone who is unclear about whether they are eligible for a rates rebate. You can visit any of the Council Service Centres, email us at:

rates@tararuadc.govt.nz or phone us on 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110.