Factsheet: What it means when your property has been stickered following the flooding

Published 18 Feb 2023

Our Building Consent Officers are continuing to check on properties around the district to assess the damage following Cyclone Gabrielle in February 2023.

They’ve already checked some buildings, but there are some properties they haven’t been able to get to yet.

Once properties are inspected, they’ll receive either a red, yellow or white sticker.

These are a legal instruction and cannot be changed or removed unless you have permission.

Red sticker:  LEAVE IMMEDIATELY/DO NOT ENTER. This sticker means the building cannot be used and the entry is prohibited because there is moderate or major damage and there’s a risk to your health or life. If you are in the building you need to leave it immediately for your own safety. You cannot re-enter the building until it has been repaired or downgraded to a yellow or white sticker. Talk to your insurer immediately to help arrange further investigations and repairs.

Yellow sticker: this means the building may have moderate damage and access may be restricted for some of the building, or only for short periods of time. We’ll detail this on the sticker. Talk to your insurer as you’ll need qualified experts to do repairs or further inspections.

White sticker: this means the building has suffered little to no damage and can be used. But there could be unseen damage. Talk to your insurer about what further help you need.

White stickers expire after 21 days, but red or yellow stickers can only be removed once we have proof that the repairs have been completed, and we have inspected the property.

If your building has been affected by the cyclone, and you have not yet had an inspection, please contact us on the numbers above.

If your property is stickered red or yellow, please contact us on 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110 so that we can discuss any support you may need.  

For more thorough information read the BRANZ Bulletin here: