Attention all Food Operators! Its time to update your Food Control Plan (FCP)

Published 30 Aug 2023

As a food operator with a registration under the Food Act 2014 using a template Food Control Plan (FCP) you will need update your FCP to make sure you are following the right rules.

Please replace your whole FCP with the updated version by 20 February 2024.

Key dates:

All template Food Control Plan businesses must be using the new version of Simply Safe and Suitable by 20 February 2024.

However, before then, businesses must be using the following cards by 30 June 2023:

All businessesOnly if applicable
Separating food cardManaging self-supply water cards
Knowing what is in your food cardUsing acid to control bugs card
Packaging and labelling cardMaking sushi card
Recalling your food cardHot smoking to control bugs card

Where to find the new cards and FCP:

To update your template food control plan with the specific cards

To update your full template food control plan

  • Download the updated version of the FCP
  • Read the instructions for updating your full template FCP
  • You must replace your whole plan with the new FCP by 20 February 2024

(You can download and starting using the new FCP now if you want to)

  • Once you have your new FCP you will need to tailor this to fit your business

You are encouraged to download a copy of the plan MPI’s website.  
You can purchase your own hard copy of the full FCP from

Simulated recalls for food businesses

From 1 July 2023 businesses with a plan or programme under the Food Act will need to carry out a simulated (mock) recall.

Information relating to recalling your food can be found on the “Recalling your Food” card in your FCP. This card provides a link to helpful information on the MPI website for recalling food.  The card also provides information about conducting a simulated (mock) recall.

MPI have also developed a document Simulated Recall Guidance for Food Businesses to assist you with what is required.

What happens now?

Follow the guidelines on page one of this information sheet to download the cards and/or the full FCP.

The changes to your FCP and the requirement for simulated (mock) recalls will be checked during your next scheduled verification.   If your verification is after February 2024, you must be using the new FCP.

Do I still need to keep records?

Yes.  You must continue to keep records as detailed in your FCP and to assist with this, MPI have updated the Blank Records Forms which are designed to be used with the new version of your FCP.

Do I need to retrain my staff on the update plan?

Yes, there are important changes to the plan and your staff will need to be aware of what these are and apply the changes where applicable.  And don’t forget to update your staff training sheet when you refresh your staff on the changes!


If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Environmental Health Officer at Tararua District Council, Dannevirke.

Handy links:

Specific Cards and / or New FCP

Instructions to update specific cards

56698-Instructions-on-updating-your-Simply-Safe-Suitable-template-Food-Control-Plan-FCP-with-the-specific-cards (

Instructions for updating full FCP

56695-Instructions-for-updating-your-full-Simply-Safe-Suitable-template-Food-Control-Plan-FCP (

Blank Records Forms

Food recall guidance for businesses

Simulated Recall Guidance for Food Businesses

Simulat recall guidance for food businesses (

How to do a simulated (mock) food recall

National Programmes (NP1, 2 and 3)

MPI are also working on updating National Programmes 1, 2 and 3.  Once these have been completed, those operating under a NP will be contacted.