Bridge Inspections - Progress updates

November 2022

The team at Tararua Alliance will be doing scheduled inspections of 44 bridges across the district. This work is carried out on a 6-year cycle and ensures that our bridges are safe and up to scratch.

Some of these inspections require a specialised truck that can lower inspectors over the side and under the bridge. This means we will have traffic management in place while this work is undertaken.

When is each bridge being inspected?
While we are only able to give approximate dates as of yet for each bridge, to help clarify the disruptions, we have grouped the work into 3 sections:

1. Akitio-Dannevirke
7am – 6pm, 15 to 18 November 2022 (Week 1)

2. Woodville-Pahiatua-Eketāhuna
7am – 6pm, 21 to 25 November 2022 (Week 2)

3. Norsewood-Ormondville-Te Uri
7am – 6pm, 28 to 1 December 2022 (Week 3)

The approximate schedule for the planned bridge inspection works can be downloaded here.

Progress updates:

Norsewood-Ormondville-Te Uri

1 December - All Bridge Inspections are now done.
30 November - W-029 at Hopelands Road, P-009 at Tutaekara Road, at N-001 @ Gundries Road
29 November - N-032 at Ormondville –Te Uri Road, N-033 at Ormondville-Te Uri Road, N-007 at Kopua Road, N-008 at Takapau-Ormondville Road (N-025 at Ormondville-Te Uri Road, N-030 at Ormondville-Te Uri Road pending).
28 November -  N-034 No 1 Syme Road, N-035 No 2 Syme Road, N-036 No 1 Te Uri Road, N-037 No 2 Te Uri Road - All done


28 November - Bridge P-009 at Tutaekara road and W-029 at Hopelands Rd. Then move to Norsewood-Ormondville- Te Uri  area.
25 November - Bridge Rd, Hopelands Rd, Nikau Rd, Tutaekara Rd. - Dependent on weather conditions.
24 November - Kopikopiko Rd and Pukewhai Rd. Due to strong winds not able to do Bridge Rd, Hopelands Rd. 
23 November - Hopelands Rd bridges
22 November - 6 bridges finished, 4 in Millers Rd (W) and 1 each in River Rd(W) and Pori Rd.
21 November - Bridges along Kohinui Rd finished. Hopelands Rd, River Rd(W) and Weber Rd bridge planned for 22 Nov.

Akitio-Dannevirke area: 15 - 18 November

19 November - Last bridge on Weber Rd done. Finished one bridge at Millers Rd (Woodville)
18 November - Working on bridges along Weber Rd. Possibly, start on River Rd. - Woodville.
17 November -  Finished 2 bridges in R52 and 1 in Waitahora Valley Rd (off Weber Rd).  
16 November - 4 bridges finished along River Rd - Akitio area.
15 November - 4 bridges finished along River Rd - Akitio area.

How will the different bridges be affected?
* 1-lane bridges under inspection could experience 30 - 60 minute delays over the course of this essential work.
* 2-lane bridges will have stop and go traffic management in place and will have minimal disruptions.