Water Conservation still a focus for the Tararua District

While there is some scattered rain forecast over the next 10 days, it is not expected to be substantial or prolonged and benefits to water supplies will be minimal, therefore the decision has been made for no reductions in restriction levels at this time.

Rivers across the Tararua District did benefit from the recent rain, however they are already starting to drop. A common misconception is that the heavy rain over recent weekends must have fill up Council’s water storage dams and reservoirs – however the heavy rain also creates a lot of silt and other material in the rivers where water is taken, actually reducing what can be taken until this settles out. Therefore, we need to remain conservative in our water usage, particularly for Dannevirke and Pahiatua.

Dannevirke: Total Hosing Ban

The recent rain has allowed us to increase the take from the river, with surplus water going into the impounded supply (our raw water storage dam). This has recently improved from just over 5 metres to over 7 metres full. While this is a great improvement we need to ensure stored water will sustain the town’s demand through until May if needed, which is typically when the Tamaki River flow is above its “low flow” level.

Pahiatua: Total Hosing Ban

Work continues at the infiltration gallery alongside the Mangatainoka River to ensure existing infrastructure can abstract required water volumes when the river is in low flows. While this has been impacted by rainfall and high flows, we are hoping the work can be completed over the coming week.

Recently there has been a significant reduction in water consumption, and Council would also like to thank the Pahiatua community for its conservation efforts. If consumption levels remain relatively consistent and works can be completed, we will be looking to remove the Total Hosing Ban in the coming weeks

Norsewood: Increasing to Alternate Evening Restrictions

Norsewood’s water consumption has remained high despite an increase to Alternate Days water level restrictions. We will therefore be increasing Norsewood’s restriction level to Alternate Evenings to try and bring down demand. Further restrictions may be necessary is current water consumptions level continue.

You can find handy ways to conserve water here


Residents should still be conservative and follow their respective restriction level.