Wrapping up DigitalBoost training sessions for local businesses

Published 24 Jan 2023

Over the past four months Digital Boost training has been given to a group of fifteen local businesses and entrepreneurs.

The businesses were given over ten sessions on how to make their company succeed in our ever-increasing digital world. Training topics included social media strategy development, email marketing, using digital tools, business insights and much more.

Tania from Tararua Home Staging is one of the participants; “The courses were hugely interactive and informative. They have supported me to develop my own website and improve my social media presence. The marketing advice has assisted me in creating a strategic marketing plan for the next 12 months. I’m so grateful for this support to help me grow my small business. Locals supporting locals is the best!!”

The training has been made possible through support by the Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA) and Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).  

The DigitalBoost sessions have been hosted by DigitalSpaces, and facilitated by Sarah from Thrive Media. Toni Chapman is Council’s Digital Spaces Activator who runs the facility: “DigitalSpaces is a really great resource and it’s right here in Tararua. In this new year there will be more digital connectivity trainings and workshops held for local business and entrepreneurs on a range of topics such as digital marketing, MS word and excel trainings, and cyber security. We also have some amazing videography equipment that is available to hire for free.”

DigitalSpaces Equipment to hire for free
We have: Digital cameras | Lenses and tripods | A gimble | Video cameras to capture your rehearsals, performances and live streams | Portable panel lighting | A portable projector | A wireless microphone | A collapsible green screen for those great effects to add to your videos and more.

If you would like to know more about DigitalSpaces, upcoming trainings and other digital support for local businesses please get in touch with Toni  - digitalspaces@tararuadc.govt.nz