Notice of water restriction change for Pahiatua

Published 27 Jan 2023

The first Tararua District water restriction increase for 2023 has been issued, in this instance for Pahiatua, to take place from 1:00pm today, Thursday, 26 January 2023.
A water restriction review has been conducted and it has been determined that Pahiatua needs to change from "Get Ready" (No restrictions) to "Alternate Days".
The decision to raise the water restriction level for Pahiatua  has been made due to the following reasons:
- High water consumption over the last few months
- Falling river flows
- Water  storage  reservoirs not filling to capacity (due to low river flows)

As  a result, Pahiatua's water restriction has changed from No Restrictions to  Alternate Days.

This means that hand-held hoses, sprinklers and water blasters can be used as follows:
- Even numbered properties on even numbered days only.
- Odd numbered properties on odd numbered days only.

As we proceed through summer it is  possible further changes could occur and we encourage everyone to look at our handy tips about water conservation at:

Full details on all our towns water restrictions levels can be found on the website at:
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