Deed of Lease - Lot 5, Dannevirke Aerodrome

3 July 2024

Tender for lease of Lot 5 at the Dannevirke Aerodrome

Tenders are invited for the lease of approximately 612m2 of land at the Dannevirke Aerodrome, 34 Aerodrome Road, Dannevirke.

A copy of the terms and conditions of the lease is available on the Council website or at the Dannevirke Service Centre, 26 Gordon Street, Dannevirke.
Envelopes containing tenders should be clearly marked Tender for Lot 5, Dannevirke Aerodrome and sent to Kate Payne, Facilities Property Officer, Tararua District Council, P O Box 115, Dannevirke 4942.

Tenders close on Friday 3rd August 2024 at 4pm and should be submitted on the lease application form. Acceptance of any tender is at the sole discretion of the Council. The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted.

Permitted Use: The purpose of this Lease is to enable and facilitate Aviation Operations.
Any person or organisation who would like to make a submission or object to the proposal to grant a Deed of Lease may do so. If you wish to make an objection or submission the opportunity is available to present your comments in person to a hearing that will be arranged for this purpose, and they should include such requests to indicate your intentions.

These are to be sent to the Facilities Property Officer at the address shown in this notice and will be received up until the date as specified above.

The application form can be found here

The Deed of Licence can be found here