Warmer weather is approaching, time to check your swimming and spa pools

Swimming and spa pool owners are being asked to check they have compliant pool fencing in place as the warmer weather approaches to help reduce the risk of children drowning or being injured. Young children can drown in as little as 20 seconds and most drownings are amongst the children of pool owners and their visitors. Pool safety is a combination of teaching kids to swim, having adult supervision at the pool and ensuring fences are properly installed and maintained.

Pool owners are responsible for ensuring their pool remains compliant with the fencing requirements in the Building (Pools) Amendment Act 2016 at all times for the safety of young children.

Under the law, all pools must be fenced with unless:
The maximum depth is less than 400mm.
The walls of the pool are 1.2m or more above the ground with no step-ups, hand holds or projections enabling a child to climb.
- The pool is an indoor residential pool, or is inside a building.
- The pool has a waiver or modification granted by the Council.

Spa pools and hot tubs (small heated pools) must also be fenced unless:
- The lid is a solid type that can be securely locked, AND
- The top lip of the pool is 760mm or greater above the surrounding deck, floor or ground.

Ask yourself, does my pool require a fence and is it compliant for child safety?
Only an inspection by a Council Inspector or a registered Independently Qualified Pool Inspector (IQPI) can confirm if your pool fence complies.

All pools must be inspected once every three years by law.
To find out when your pool was last inspected, you can enquire through Council’s Customer Services Team. The Council maintains a register of pool inspections, including those notified by independent inspectors.

If your inspection results in the need to install a fence or, where a new fence is required, you will need to apply for a Building Consent. The Building Consent must be issued before that work is done.

You may be contacted by a Council Inspector, to remind you that an inspection is required or to follow up where an inspection is overdue.

Council is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding fencing and inspection requirements for swimming and spa pools. You can get in touch with the Council team by phoning 06 374 4080 (north) or
06 376 0110 (south), alternatively you can email: