Essential Repairs Underway for Eketāhuna Reservoir: Community Urged to Conserve Water

Tuesday 9 July 2024

Tararua District Council would like to advise the Eketāhuna community that one of the town’s reservoirs will be emptied today in preparation for essential repairs scheduled to begin on Monday, 15 July. Despite these necessary works, Council assures residents that there should be no interruption to the water supply. However, we ask for the help of the community by conserving water from Thursday 11 July until the reservoir is refilled (estimated to be 24 July).

Key Information:

  • Repair Timeline: The repairs will commence on 15 July and are expected to take approximately five days to complete. Following the completion of the repairs, it will take an additional four days to refill the reservoir. Therefore, water conservation is required from Thursday 11 July until the reservoir is fully operational and refilled.
  • Reservoir Details: The reservoir set for repairs is an old timber-style tank constructed in 2000. An assessment conducted earlier this year indicated that the tank is in poor condition, necessitating immediate repair work.
  • Continuous Updates: Council will provide regular updates on the progress of the repairs through Facebook, Antenno, and our website to keep the community informed.
  • Water Conservation Request: Residents are urged to conserve water until the reservoir is refilled, which is expected by 24 July. For water conservation tips and advice, please
  • Community Involvement: The Council appreciates the community’s assistance in spreading this important message. Sharing this information with friends and neighbours will help ensure that everyone is informed and prepared.

Council acknowledges the potential inconvenience and extends its gratitude for the community’s cooperation and understanding during this essential maintenance period.

For any questions or further information regarding the repair work, please contact Council.